Don’t Miss Inc. Magazines Top Industries for 2011

As you put your marketing, advertising, sales and operations budgets together for 2011. Make sure your company is positioned to leverage these growing industries. Inc Magazine has a great article summarizing the top growth industries for 2011.  Whether you work directly or indirectly with these industries,  you should  make sure your company is prepared to

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Get Your Business Development Team Focused in 2011: How to use Key Performance Indicators

KPI’s or Key Performance Indicators allow you to focus your business development team on the specific elements of your business that drive growth. The biggest time waster in any company: busy work!  Most people focus on busy work because it's easier than tackling the issues that will grow your company. KPI's give your team a

Get Your Business Development Team Focused in 2011: How to use Key Performance Indicators2013-07-01T19:19:04-05:00

Pie, Baking, Eating & Giving Event!

You are invited to the Robeson Marketing & Design first annual Pie, Baking, Eating & Giving Event! Here’s How it will go: Everyone who comes get’s to bake two pies, using Beth’s most amazing and simple pie recipe. One pie goes home with you for your Thanksgiving festivities, one pie is donated to the wonderful

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Brandery Demo Day Summary

Attended the Brandery Demo Day yesterday, very exciting, informative and inspiring! Here's my micro summary of the day: Key Note: Ben Lerer of  the online magazine Thrillist Just an amazing guy, who understands business in a digitally connected world, who shared a few amazing insights about how he launched his company. Here are just a

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Ignite#4: The Brutal Truth

The making of: You Are What You Eat...Eats! Day 1 Seth Godin suggests that what separates successful people from unsuccessful people is the ability to bring your vision to reality. Day 2 Seth Godin says, stop waiting for perfection and "just ship!" Day 3 Ignite#4 Submission request comes in the mail, I submit. Day 5

Ignite#4: The Brutal Truth2012-06-17T09:47:37-05:00

The Changing Structure of Communication is Redefining Organizations

Historically,  access to the right organizations gave you access to power in the form of  jobs, scarce resources, social prestige, security or money. That's the impetus behind the fictional Mark Zuckerburg's desire to join an exclusive social club at Harvard in the recent release, The Social Network.  Although this doesn't appear to be a factual

The Changing Structure of Communication is Redefining Organizations2012-06-17T09:47:43-05:00

DigNC 2011: Capturing Your Inspiration!

Rework Jason Fried has a way of making really cool things happen easily. If you haven't read his new book Rework it's a powerful resource for getting great things done in a digital world. One of his many insights is the idea that "inspiration is perishable," wish I could quote him, but I just lent

DigNC 2011: Capturing Your Inspiration!2012-06-17T09:47:50-05:00

Problem in Chair Not in Computer

With the rise of cloud computing and social media, you might think the need to backup your data is decreasing. Say you get your organization to switch over to Google apps for all of it's convenience, simplicity and security.  No more trying to figure out who's computer has the latest version of the document you

Problem in Chair Not in Computer2013-07-01T19:19:32-05:00

How Traditional Branding is Being Redefined by Social NetWorks.

1. Brands becomes "Brand Stands" A recent Advertising Age Article written by Pete Blackshaw is a must read for anyone interested in branding in the digital age.  In this provocative article Pete asks the question.... In the age of social media, do companies sill need a website? Along with addressing some of the most critical

How Traditional Branding is Being Redefined by Social NetWorks.2012-06-17T09:48:05-05:00

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