Guess what? You’re working too hard on your marketing. I meet weekly with very passionate entrepreneurs and the one thing they have in common is that they’re always changing and updating their marketing. I appreciate how hard they’re working because being an entrepreneur means wanting what you’re doing to work for you and for your customers. But every time you change your marketing, you run the risk of confusing your prospects.

Consider the benefits of a consistent brand:

1. Your marketing is more effective.
2. You spend less money and achieve greater results.
3. A consistent brand makes your marketing easier.
4. You get to enjoy life more.

How do you know if you have a consistent brand? Use this handy check list:

1. Use the same logo over and over.
2. Use the same tagline, over and over.
3. You use the exact same colors.
3. Say the same thing, in the same way, over and over.
4. You use the same call to action.
5. Use the same marketing tactics.

Most entrepreneurs spend so much time changing taglines, messaging, and tactics that they aren’t focused on making customers happy AND sharing those successes. That’s what really matters, your success. Pick a marketing strategy and a tagline and stick with them long enough for those efforts to actually make a meaningful impression before you’re off to something else. Then take that time to actually talk to your happy customers. Share how you’ve made their lives better, or get them to share in a testimonial, case study or a video. That’s how you’ll grow your business.

Have confidence in your product or service, be authentic in how you communicate your value, and instead of changing your messaging and tactics, focus on making your customers happy, one after the other, then tell that story. Do that and business will flow naturally to your door.

Then get out there and enjoy the world a little bit.