We’re about halfway through our ground breaking SolarizeCincy campaign and the results thus far have been tremendous (see data below). Thanks to all of our collaborators for your passion, time, energy and commitment to helping our community increase it’s energy independence and create high paying local jobs.


Number of homeowners who’ve signed up for a solar assessment:

From the Zoo Launch Event*: 200
From Integrated Digital, Social and Traditional Media Campaign: 724
Total: 924
*Every major television station attended the launch event.

Social Media Engagement:

Page Views 98%
Number of People Reached 87%
Post Engagement 57%
Facebook Page Likes 250%

Leads From the Website:


Quality of Leads

“We have worked with a number of companies to generate leads in the past and had very unsatisfying results. The leads we are getting from the SolarizeCincy campaign are fantastic, they are very high quality. We are in the process of closing 3 jobs this week.”
—Alan Frasz, CEO of Dovetail Solar

See if your roof is a good fit for solar solarizecincy.org website

Thanks to everyone who helped make this campaign such a success: GCEA, City of Cincinnati, Green Umbrella, Dovetail Solar, Third Sun Solar, Whole Foods Market, Environmental Ali, Sustainergy, Tiburon Energy, The Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

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  1. Let’s make the next two month even better.

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