Inc Magazine
As you put your marketing, advertising, sales and operations budgets together for 2011. Make sure your company is positioned to leverage these growing industries. Inc Magazine has a great article summarizing the top growth industries for 2011.  Whether you work directly or indirectly with these industries,  you should  make sure your company is prepared to take advantage of the commerce they will generate.

According to the article, top growth industries for 2011 will be:

• Job Training and Career Consulting
• Advertising Agencies with Digital Media Focus
• Real Estate Appraisal
• Environmental Consulting
• E-commerce and Online Auctions
• Debt Collection Agencies

Here are a  number of ways you can help get your company on the growth wagon:

Give your team a copy of the Inc. Article so they can start positioning themselves to take advantage of these areas of growth as they dedicate time resources in 2011.

If possible position your company strategically to work either directly or indirectly with these companies.

Understand the wider implications of the growth. For example, you may not be working in the environmental industry or the advertising world but think about what these trends mean for your business.

If environmental consulting is a growing business, should your company be implementing or expanding your green initiatives to make product or service more appealing to clients or customers?

If advertising and digital media are a growing industry should you be expanding your advertising budget in this direction?

Maybe it’s time to think about purchasing that new building while real estate prices are still low?

Is there an opportunity to expand your company or gain market share by launching a new training arm of the business to take advantage of the rapidly changing workforce?

I would love to hear other ideas for leveraging the growth in these industries you can read the full article on the Inc. Magazine website: