Jason Fried has a way of making really cool things happen easily. If you haven’t read his new book Rework it’s a powerful resource for getting great things done in a digital world. One of his many insights is the idea that “inspiration is perishable,” wish I could quote him, but I just lent the book to a friend (my second copy, I gave my first to one of my clients.) so I don’t have the passage in front of me.

So, leveraging the idea that inspiration is perishable I am collecting really cool ideas for DigNC 2011.

Here’s a start:

1. Closed Door Sessions: keynotes and breakout session are great, but there’s a lot of discourse that doesn’t happen, because those events are public and less personal. If you’re going to get great minds together for 2 days. Why not dedicate some time to seeing what they can achieve in a few closed door sessions. Maybe it’s an opportunity for them to simply exchange ideas or pick each others brains in private, maybe they tackle a challenging social issue or brain storm ideas for 2012. Any thing is possible when great creative minds come together.

2. DigNC TV: How about putting some creative energy to really developing our DigNC channel?

3. MPMF: How about a stronger connection with MidPoint? What would that look like? Tim Westergen said he wished he’d know about MPMF, he would have liked to stay and attend. I think we could do a lot here?

4. Let’s Get Physical: How can we create an experience that’s more interactive/engaging/experiential?

5. Giving Back: How can we leverage the energy around the event to give a little back to our community?

6. A Program You Want to Keep: A lot of work went into creating the program, time, energy, trees, ink etc… As I was flipping through it last night, I was thinking what a shame it was that most of them will wind up in the trash. How can we make the program book something people want to hold on to and reference for a while?

What do you think?