Attended the Brandery Demo Day yesterday, very exciting, informative and inspiring!

Here’s my micro summary of the day:

Key Note: Ben Lerer of  the online magazine Thrillist

Just an amazing guy, who understands business in a digitally connected world, who shared a few amazing insights about how he launched his company. Here are just a few:

1. They didn’t try to use a bunch of social media tools, they used one very well and built from that.

2. They built a very committed audience through great content. 15 hours on one article.

3. They listened to the data!

4. They redefined the relationship between advertisers, subscribers and publishers.

Then came the local start up presentations:

A group of amazing local start ups with great product ideas, a lot of energy. Honestly… I wanted to invest in everyone. And they all seemed to be having a lot of fun bringing their vision to reality.


Idea Rally



Venture Pax

Venue Agent

You should definitely meet these guys/gals!

To get involved in the Brandery: