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10 Techniques to Increase Conversions Lose The Navigation: If you really want to increase your conversions you need to get rid of your site navigation. Crazy? Maybe, but removing your navigation links can give your visitors a more focused user experience. When they arrive, you take them where they need to go, and that’s that.

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Alan Beaulieu Speaks in Cincinnati November 2014

[custom_frame_right] [/custom_frame_right] Coming Trends I attended the 2014 Annual Manufacturing and Distribution Seminar in Cincinnati on Wednesday. Alan Beaulieu, the internationally recognized economist who’s made a career out of accurately predicting economic and business trends with a good dose of humor and a strong belief in Austrian economic policy spoke to an enthusiastic audience. Here’s

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Don’t Miss Inc. Magazines Top Industries for 2011

As you put your marketing, advertising, sales and operations budgets together for 2011. Make sure your company is positioned to leverage these growing industries. Inc Magazine has a great article summarizing the top growth industries for 2011.  Whether you work directly or indirectly with these industries,  you should  make sure your company is prepared to

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The Changing Structure of Communication is Redefining Organizations

Historically,  access to the right organizations gave you access to power in the form of  jobs, scarce resources, social prestige, security or money. That's the impetus behind the fictional Mark Zuckerburg's desire to join an exclusive social club at Harvard in the recent release, The Social Network.  Although this doesn't appear to be a factual

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The Making of A Social Website! Behind the scenes.

Thought we'd share a behind-the-scenes look at the strategic planning and design work that went into the new Digital Non-Conference website. It's been a very exciting project, I can't wait to see where we are in three to five years! Strategic Planning: We started the project by meeting one-on-one and in small groups with a

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A Moment with the Master: Social Media in Action

Gary Vaynerchuk probably gives a little more to his business than most people are willing to give, but if you're in business,  pay attention to what he is saying. It's easy to get side tracked by the same old tasks and strategies you've always tackled and miss this opportunity to set yourself apart from your

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Robeson Marketing & Design donates $10,000 Stategic Planning Package.

Robeson Marketing & Design is now accepting applications from local non-profit for a free strategic planning package valued at $10,000 CINCINNATI, February 1, 2010—Cincinnati-based Robeson Marketing & Design (RMD) is currently accepting applications from local non-profits who are in need of strategic planning. The “Giving Back 2010” package includes marketing assessment, market research, trend analysis,

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It’s Too Late for Strategic Planning!

There’s always a lot of energy and motivation this time of year to put a new strategic plan in place, change direction, re-focus, or go after a new target audience. But, the reality is, if you do your strategic planning in January, you start the year behind your top competitors. Successful companies do their competition

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Trust Agents: A Book Review

Trust Agents Tab Rating: 38* This book was written more for Chief Marketing Officers, Marketing Directors, and Entrepreneurs, than the average CEO. However, a CEO of an established company will find a lot of wonderful insights and action items throughout the book. The section on how Trust Agents use LinkedIn wasn’t very impressive.

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Is it Time to Reinvent Your Company?

External Signs I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that, yes, it’s probably time to reinvent your company. This is a fairly safe assessment for two reasons. First is the recession, anytime there’s an economic downturn this dramatic, there is an equally dramatic shift in market share. In order to grab

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