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The Changing Structure of Communication is Redefining Organizations

Historically,  access to the right organizations gave you access to power in the form of  jobs, scarce resources, social prestige, security or money. That's the impetus behind the fictional Mark Zuckerburg's desire to join an exclusive social club at Harvard in the recent release, The Social Network.  Although this doesn't appear to be a factual

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Trust Agents: A Book Review

Trust Agents Tab Rating: 38* This book was written more for Chief Marketing Officers, Marketing Directors, and Entrepreneurs, than the average CEO. However, a CEO of an established company will find a lot of wonderful insights and action items throughout the book. The section on how Trust Agents use LinkedIn wasn’t very impressive.

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Social Bookmarking: The Dual Business Tool

Social bookmarking sites can be used in two very different ways, each outlined below. While social networking is attracting all the media attention right now, social bookmarking is really the more powerful and exciting tool. Social Bookmarking: Information Aggregator For any of you who have seen my presentation on Leveraging the Power of the Internet

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