2010 Opening Day Card

Marketing should create an emotional connection, convey the true nature of your company, and most important it should be fun!

Freking & Betz’s Opening Day Card hits a home run on all three counts.

The Emotional Connection:

The firm loves baseball and while most of the year they are fighting for workers’ rights, they close the office every year on opening day to enjoy the excitement of the new baseball season.

The Card Conveys the True Nature of the Firm:

The folks at Freking & Betz are hard working attorneys who truly love baseball. (They held their Holiday Party at The Green Diamond Gallery in Montgomery, a fascinating baseball memorabilia museum.) The Opening Day card campaign, a planned communications tool we’ve been creating for them for four years, shares their love of the game with their clients and prospects.

It’s Fun:

What could be more fun than baseball in the spring? Tree buds are ready to burst, winter is behind us and cold beer and hot dogs await. But it’s not just about the fun of baseball. What makes this campaign work is that it’s unique.

When you’re ready to launch your next marketing initiative, take some time to create a real experience for your audience. Going that extra mile says a lot about your brand.

Another example from 2008 when Dusty Baker was named manager:

Opening Day Card 2008 (Dusty Baker's First Year as Manager)

2008 Card (inside)