Traditional Search

When you use the average search tool such as Google to help you find timely and relevant information you are relying on the formulas developed by the folks at Google to decide, based on your search term, what you’re are looking for. The beauty of Social Bookmarking is that instead of Google’s search “Spiders” you are able to find information you are looking for based on what other people feel is relevant. Better yet you can choose the people you wish to rely on for a source of information.

Bookmarking Search Works Like This:

If you run a car part manufacturing company and want to keep up with the latest developments in the automotive industry you can use Social Bookmarking to find the latest industry information that has been recommended by a community of people you create yourself. Your community will be comprised of key people or news sources you trust to provide the right information and filter out the junk.

In addition, Social Bookmarking sites also give you the ability to:

Organize information

Access it quickly

Share information easily with others is one of the most popular bookmarking tools and a good starting point for the average web user. Delicious has a large following so you have access to an existing strong community and allows you to display bookmarks on your blog or website. It’s relatively easy to sign up and you can take your time learning the ropes and finding some great timely information.

StumbleUpon is one of my very favorite bookmarking sites because you can use it a little like a slot machine! You simply register for an account, select the topics you are interested in and click “Stumble.” Almost like magic you will find some great websites that you would never have found using one of the major search engines. If you are not interested in whatever comes up, simply click “Stumble” again and again until you find something on that topic that you find interesting. I have found many of my favorite sites this way.

Here is a list of other bookmarking sites to explore: