Not all customers are created equal. In a digital world you have three kinds of loyal customers. Those who love you, but keep it to themselves, those who love you and tell their friends and family—and the best kind: those that love you and love to share on social media. Your brand advocates are the customers in the last group and they are one of your company’s most valuable resources.

What can Brand Advocates Do For You?

  1. Bring you new customers: The number one way people find out about a cool product or service is a referral from a friend or family member or acquaintance. People put more trust in their network of friends and family than anything you say to them.
  2. Generate valuable content: Content is king, but it’s often time consuming and expensive to churn out valuable content on a regular basis. Smart companies are leveraging brand advocates as valuable content generators.
  3. Research and development: Your brand advocates can help you create your next exciting product or service offering, by giving you valuable feedback on current products and suggestions for new products.
  4. Fill-in as customer service reps: Brand advocates can fill in as customer service reps, answering questions about your product or service.
  5. Create promotional videos: Brand advocates are tech-savvy and love to spread the word about products they love. If your product creates meaningful connections with your customers they’ll be out there making how-to videos, best product videos and what’s new videos to post them to their blog or favorite social media network.


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