A call to action is all about motivating your prospects to engage with you as an integrated and valuable part of your sales funnel. There are hundreds of ways you can persuade a prospect, but when it comes specifically to a call to action on your website, there are some key best practices to keep in mind.

Be clear and concise about the offer – Users want to know exactly what the offer is and why it is of value. Educate them but do it quickly – think bullet points.

Always have a Call to Action above the fold – Sure users today are accustomed to scrolling. However, there’s a specific reason a visitor is on your site, it’s your job to anticipate what they want. Don’t make them look around to find what they’re looking for.

Use relevance and context to your advantage
– In the same way that Google serves ads based on surrounding content, you should give your visitors a way to take action right after you’ve explained the importance of doing so. Don’t present problems without offering solutions.

Create urgency – A proven method for getting people to take action is to make them feel that their opportunity is limited. A limited offer is effective but it’s important that it also be honest. Don’t create false scarcity, you’ll be rewarded for making a great offer but punished for making a misleading one.

Make use of great design – Don’t underestimate the importance of how an offer looks. Size and color and the use of white space – all of the same principles that apply to your site as a whole apply to your offer. Do some research, consider the way industry leader’s calls to action look. One thing they all have in common is professional design.